Allice Limited Print

Allice Limited Print


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Limited edition digital art print of "Allice".
Original acrylic painting on gallery wrapped canvas by Casey J. Wullner
Signed and numbered
Edition Limit: 30
Paper Size: 36"x24"
Image Size: 34.5"x17"

-About The Work-

Alice's face has intentionally been left unpainted. This is meant to portray that Alice, in this painting, is an archetype and not any specific person. She is a model of bold courage, curiosity and a commitment to doing what is right in spite of opposition and its many dangers.

Without a discernible face, Alice could be any girl, and my hope is that any girl will be able to see themselves as Alice. I want to encourage all girls to embody those great and admirable traits, but most importantly I hope to encourage and instill them in Taylor. The clocks featured in the painting have all been set to Taylor's birthday to show her that although the message is for all girls, I want her specifically to hear it!

The image of Alice is designed to appear flat and featureless in contrast to the much more detailed world around her. This represents how overpowering the world can be and how easily it can make us feel insignificant, but regardless of this she dives head first into world with courage, curiosity and virtue. I want the viewer to see their daughters, their mothers and sisters and especially themselves in her. Her features muted to encourage the viewer to define her visage in their own minds and to finish the painting by imagining themselves or a loved one in her place.

The choice to title the painting “Allice” instead of “Alice”, with 2 L’s as opposed to one, is meant to convey this same message. That this is not merely a portrait of Alice, it is a portrait of all. To encourage all girls, all women, and all people to embody those most admirable traits.

The message conveyed in this painting paved the way for and inspired the series of works, now in progress, that immediately followed this work. The series includes Flares Via “The Weeping Road” (Minerva), Apsara “Dance of Clouds”, and Isis currently in progress and will include 5-8 additional portraits of goddesses from various religions and mythologies throughout the world. All Portraits in the series are meant to represent female architypes, each with their own admirable traits of character worthy of encouragement and worthy of aspiring to.


Unframed: All print orders default to unframed prints. Orders without frames will be shipped rolled in a shipping tube and will include no means for displaying and protecting the work.

Basic Frame: Prints orders that include basic frames will be shipped in the frame ready for display, flat and never rolled. These frames offer mild protection for the print during shipping and display, but .

EnTactus Signature Frame: Hand made to order, custom frame by Casey J Wullner. These frames are entirely unique to each print and carefully designed to complement the specific art print. They offer the best protection for the piece including UV protective glass, sturdy hard wood frame with protective back, anchored hanging wire, and gallery matted. They offer the highest protection and visual appeal, meticulously hand crafted to turn what is otherwise a duplication of an original work into a 1 of a kind piece of art created by Casey J. Wullner himself.