Apsara- Dance of Clouds (print)

Apsara- Dance of Clouds (print)


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Apsara "Dance of Clouds"

18"x24" Limited edition digital print.
First edition print limit: 30
Signed and numbered
Original Acrylic and Ink painting on Paved Canvas, by Casey J. Wullner

Print options:
Unframed: print only signed and numbered. Shipped rolled.
Sleeve and Backboard: Print signed and numbered in protective sleeve with backboard. Shipped flat.
Basic Frame: Print signed and numbered in a low end basic black frame. Shipped flat
Signature Frame: Print signed and number in Handmade and custom etched frame by Casey. Please allow up to 1 month additional shipping time to allow time to build the frame.
Canvas Print: 24"x32"x1.5" gallery wrapped canvas print. These prints are not limited edition and shipped unsigned.

Featured in this work is a female spirit of the clouds and waters from Hindu and Buddhist culture known as Apsara. While most paintings in the series feature specific named goddesses, this painting features an unnamed entity from a class of divine spirits said to rule over fertility, art and luck known as Apsara. They are comparable to the muses of ancient Greece.