Oshun- The Gilded River (print)

Oshun- The Gilded River (print)


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Oshun "The Gilded River" (print

18"x24" Limited edition digital print.
First edition print limit: 30
Signed and numbered
Original Acrylic and Ink painting on Paved Canvas, by Casey J. Wullner

"The Gilded River" is the 6th installment in "The Feminine Divine" series. This painting (print) features the Yoruba Goddess Oshun. She is a prominent river goddess of Yuroba based religions steming out of west Africa, but has found her way throughout much of Latin America and even features as a prominent figure in Santeria and Voodoo. Oshun is syncretized with Our Lady of Charity, patron saint of Cuba, and Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil. In Trinidad she is associated with St. Philomena and the Hindu deity Ganga Mai or Mother Ganges.

The series features some of the most potent and prolific feminine archetypes, pervasive throughout the world and human history. The series has featured goddesses and divine beings all bearing many of the same archetypal qualities that first appeared in history in oldest recorded goddess as Inanna in ancient Mesopotamia. The series Is meant to illustrate that these divine archetypes, and the Inanna/Mother goddess archetype in particular has been so powerful and pervasive throughout human consciousness because they are our greatest models for which we should aspire to. Though their existence as tangible physical entities is at best debatable, their existence within us is undeniable. They are representations of our inner most aspirations, our devine nature, our love, our courage and strength and even our capacity for vengeance and hate. They are human nature and their message serves us as a map to finding purpose. They model for us how we might best exist within the world and find meaning in what might otherwise devolve into a life of dread and despair, along the weeping road, without purpose, unfettered by our sense humanity.


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