Original Art from the visionary mind of artist, Casey J. Wullner

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EnTactus is the creative expression of myself, artist Casey J. Wullner. I began creating art very early as child, with some of my earliest memories being creative in nature. I remember, when I couldn't have been older than 5, my parents discovering that I had drawn all over the bathroom wall. This is not an unusual experience for a child but what still stands out in memory today is that I was not scorned for this, but rather praised! My parents first remarked on how good the doodles were that I had vandalized her bathroom with, before she informed me that the bathroom wall was not the best place for it. This planted one of the earliest seeds of creativity that would later grow, now 32 years later, into a flourishing art career. In hind sight, it may have also planted a seed of rebellious instinct, in that I discovered great praise in doing a thing I was definitely not supposed to do, but my life long urge to break the rules is a whole other story.

I have focused a lot of attention on what helped to fuel and encourage my own creative expression and try to implement those same elements into my own creative endeavors today. The importance of encouraging creativity and empowering aspiring artists to explore and expand their own creative minds can not be understated. All of my work, be it the Divine Feminine series, Glow Cubes, Spin Art, etc. are all carefully curated to inspire in others creative self exploration and expression. In my whole lifetime, with countless compliments of my work, I have heard no compliment so gratifying to hear as "I am inspired by your work."

I create works of beauty not to seek adoration, but to inspire others to create, so that I might live in a more beautiful world.

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