Original Art and apparel from the visionary mind of artist, Casey J. Wullner

In honor of my late father, on the 3rd anniversary of his passing, I’ve chosen to make a sacrifice. I owe him a debt of gratitude that I can no longer ever repay. So, I offer my sacrifice instead to those who both, appear to desperately need it, and to those for whom I might currently be able to make the greatest impact.
I cannot even begin to effectively, fully and concisely tell you why this is so important to me or how these seemingly unrelated things, fit together so perfectly to me that I effectively have no choice but to take this action. It deserves far more than I can ever give it alone, so my only hope to ever repay this debt, lies in asking for your help in this gesture. I wish I had the words to more effectively articulate the significance this gesture carries for me, but I cannot give what I do not have. All words seem to fall short, so for now I can only put it out there, and hope it grows the wings I know it deserves. 

I am donating %100 of the proceeds from all apparel sales from now through July 31, to support the Colorado wildfire relief effort. Any shirt currently for sale though on EnTactus.com or through me directly will fit the bill. I will not keep any profit from a single one of them sold in the next 18 days, and will instead donate every penny of it to this cause. 

The donation will be made to the Salvation Army Colorado wildfire relief  effort, on behalf of the TogetherLand art and music festival.  

The night my father passed I was dancing on a mountain top, bathed in the beauty of art, music and love at the very first Together in Colorado.  The stark contrast of the beauty I was surrounded with and the knowledge of the tragedy that just befell my family, and  the tragedies that later would weigh heavy on the hearts of the festivals attendees and coordinators, have inspired me to make this gesture.

Now, with fires still burning just miles from TogetherLand and all over the state of Colorado, it seems only right to do my best to help. I will be in Colorado again to make my artistic contribution to the festival July 27-29, bathed once again in the beauty of TogetherLand . With so many, so near by, who are facing  tragedy struggling to see the beauty in the world, I must extend my hand. Knowing how near the festival has come to  suffering the same tragedy, I'm compelled to help the continued efforts of those who work to prevent it.

Help me make this the grand a gesture I know it deserves to be and show your support simply by purchasing any shirt of my own original design. Because if its not to inspire and empower those I care about most, and if its not to help those who might need help most, what reason at all is there to create?

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