Commissions, Wip photos, Sold works and other artistic endeavors!

Count yourself lucky if you got your hands on one of these super limited "Going Got Weird " Warhol rework prints!

Miss Taylor geting us ready for our first ever Spin Art event! Big Thanks to the Artisan's Sanctuary in Marion!

Alley is rocking the hell out of this Going Got Weird Tee!

Live painting in Art Alley at the Marion Arts Festival

Spin Art in action at Mckinley STEAMfest!

Acrylic on Paved Canvas. CRSkyline. Sold at Cedar Valley Pride Fest!

"A Regal Wail" Vigin Mary WIP

"Precious Flower" Xochiquetzal WIP

Team effort Resin Triptic on display at EnTactus Studio!

Dance of Clouds Signature Frame WIP

Spin Art Fun!

Oshun in progress at EnTactus Studio. Get back to work Casey!

Wire sculpture WIP

Kelly and Casey at a family wedding! Wash the paint off them and maybe skip the wallet chain and these 2 clean up nicely!

"Dance of Clouds" Signature Framed Print #1! (Sold!)

"EnLimbus" Acrylic on PVC, on display at EnTactus Studio! (Sold!)

Infinity Logo at EnTactus Studio!

Building Paint Spinner #2! 1 just isnt enough to keep up with all the demand for Spin Art by EnTactus!

WIP Glow Cube walls, prior to assembly

4'x8' mural at Tommy's Family Restaurant in Cedar Rapids! Order the stuffed french toast! Its FFFFFFFFFIIIIIRRRE!!!!!!

"EnTactus" original painting! The painting after which the buisness was named!

Resin and Acrylic on Sintra. (Sold!)

Kelly pretending to be a random casual booth visiter lol. Set this all up in the backyard at EnTactus Studio just to snap a few photos for Art Fair applications. Tip for artists just starting out on the fair circuit: take pics of your booth while its already set up. you will eventually encounter events that require such pics.

Precious Flower signature framed print! (Sold!)

Resin art from our workshop at EnTactus Studio! by Casey and Miss Taylor! Can you pick out which were created by the professional artist and which were created by a 12 year old!?

Casey and Xochiquetzal!

Sold! "Huxley No Smile" dear skull, raccoon jaw, wire coat hanger, bullet casings, and plastic silverware served on a silver platter! Upcycled art at its finest!

WIP sculpture. Coat hangers and plastic silverware! Don't kid yourself into thinking you need money to create art! It helps, but if you fancy yourself creative, a lack of funding is no obstacle!

Creative fun at Bass Farms!

Kelly rocking some Spin Art at Bass Farms!

Glow Cubes in action at Barnyard Boogie!

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