Going Got Weird, Digital Print

Going Got Weird, Digital Print


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"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" –Hunter S. Thompson

"Going Got Weird" digital print
Print size: 24"x16"
Original digital painting, by Casey J. Wullner.
Print of Original digital painting
Edition limit: 20


Unframed: All print orders default to unframed prints. Orders without frames will be shipped rolled in a shipping tube and will include no means for displaying and protecting the work.

Basic Frame: Prints orders that include basic frames will be shipped in the frame ready for display, flat and never rolled. These frames offer mild protection for the print during shipping and display, but .

EnTactus Signature Frame: Hand made to order, custom frame by Casey J Wullner. These frames are entirely unique to each print and carefully designed to complement the specific art print. They offer the best protection for the piece including UV protective glass, sturdy hard wood frame with protective back, anchored hanging wire, and gallery matted. They offer the highest protection and visual appeal, meticulously hand crafted to turn what is otherwise a duplication of an original work into a 1 of a kind piece of art created by Casey J. Wullner himself.

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Can't wait until I can get more!